Friday, August 24, 2012

Box three and a long week

This has been a long week and I was really dragging when I stopped at the pick up point and the box was a little uninspiring.  Maybe after a recharge, I'll feel a bit more inspired.  But until then, behold box three....

....and the contents.....

One head of garlic (I hope it isn't rotten like the last on), 1.5#'s potatoes, on bunch of small Walla Walla onions, 1 # carrots, one bunch beets, three ears corn, 1.25#'s cucumbers, .5 #'s mixed greens, 1.75 #'s small tomatoes, one bunch radishes and 2 peppers.

 Since I'm very uninspired any suggestions would be nice.  Oh and keep you eyes open over the next few days for the post on what I did with the kale and collard greens.


I gathered enough energy to toss a quick salad.   Mixed greens julienned carrots and cucumber, salted tomatoes, peperoni, black olives, goat cheese and the magic ingredient, Aunty Lilikio Passion Fruit Vinaigrette. The goat cheese merged in with the vinaigrette to dress the salad in yumminess.  It was so  good  Dhugal even wanted some.

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