Saturday, February 16, 2013

Attack of the Giant Beet Part 2

A couple of posts ago you saw the Giant Beet.  I know you have lost many a night’s sleep, wondering what ever happen to it.  It gave its life nobly for a great pot of borsch.  


Unless you hate beets and potatoes

CSA Reflections

Today I was readying my yard for the coming of Spring and noticed the garlic I planted last fall from my CSA box is coming up and my mind wandered back to the last few CSA boxes of the fall.  

For many years, I had thought of participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) but never pulled the trigger for multiple reasons.  Finally I came across a CSA that fit my needs and I jumped in.  I decided to use Arlington Garden Treasures.  They offered a pick up location very close and very convenient to my home and an every other week box that looked prefect for a single, CSA/vegetable virgin.

 I strongly believe in supporting the local food movement and small farmers for many reasons.  I feel that the food they provide is healthier, fresher and better tasting. I also believe in the importance of the biodiversity in our food chain that they provide.  I feel that small local farmers preserving important land, skills and knowledge that large scale agriculture ignores,  much to our potential detriment.  Also a CSA is a fun easy way to be forced to eat more vegetables, cook at home and try new things.   All in all this experiment was a success and I will most likely participate again this coming summer.

Box Six

Box Seven

The Final Box

Preparing the bounty of the final box.