Saturday, September 22, 2012

CSA Box Week Four

Sorry everyone, I've been a bad blogger and photographer.  This is from the box two weeks ago.  I knew what everything was and mainly just ate it.  No cool recipes, just good basic food.

The box....


The contents....

There was a bag of mixed greens, a bag of green beans, a pint of cherry tomatoes, two onions, two cucumbers, a bunch of arugula, a bunch of dill, miscellaneous peppers,garlic, a bunch of carrots, potatoes, pears and potatoes.

I shared the mixed greens and arugula in salad at a dinner with friends and on my own.  For some reason, I thought I didn't like arugula.  Well I do,  it has nice spicy/zippy flavor.  I steamed up the green beans multiple nights as a side dish and the pears made a good addition to my breakfast. The potatoes, carrots, garlic and onions are waiting for another day.  Sadly the dill, cucumbers, and some of the peppers went to waste.  I was going to make pickles, but it never happened.  Check back in a few days for some recipes from before and this weeks box.

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